Tourism pamphlet translated into four languages

Project Outline

Client A major hotel
Language Translated from Japanese into English, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, and Korean
Quantity About 2000 characters
Work Content Text Translation, native speaker check and editing
Production Time Frame About 2 weeks




“(Not) Lost in Translation”
A major hotel needed our help to translate a tourism pamphlet created by the hotel from English into four languages. The tricky part here was the translation of tradtional Japanese events. For example, the term “Yabusame,” which refers to Japanese horseback archery, cannot be translated literally since it would convey no meaning to a foreign reader. Therefore, we added short and precise explanations that still fit in the small pamphlet and were just enough to get a non-Japanese tourist interested. We also instructed the person in charge to check the Japanese text first in order to assure that the subtle nuances of the original meaning were not lost.


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