Mah-jong live program

Project Outline

Client A TV station
Quantity Four 180-minute episodes
Work Content Spotting
Entry of Japanese text
Subtitle position adjustment
NAB data entry 
Production Time Frame Ten business days per show



“Spoiler Alert”
There were two main challenges to the Mah-Jongg (Chinese board game) project: Its unique vocabulary and the timing of the subtitles without spoiling the reader. In the program, the players constantly used unique Mah-Jongg vocabulary on top of speaking very quickly. Viewers unfamiliar with the terminology would be very challenged to read and understand what is happening. Needless to say, our editors and proofreaders also had to be fluent in the game.
The programs were three hours long and the deadline critically tight. In order to produce accurate Japanese subtitles, we took in an experienced Mah-Jongg player to advise us and move swiftly through the content.
Concerning the spoilers, we paid meticulous attention to time subtitles in a manner that would not expose the outcome of a move. This required a lot of deviation from the general subtitling rules as well flawless timing. Fantastic team work and care for the viewer’s experience made it happen.


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