Japanese performances

Project Outline

Client A general film distribution company
Language From Japanese to Russian
Quantity One 170-minute performance
Work Content Translation
Subtitle data production
Pre mixing
Perfect packaging
Production Time Frame About one month



In this request, we had the pleasure to produce a Russian subtitle translation from a Japanese musical. We previously completed English subtitles for the same source. For this project, we assigned a translator who was fluent in English, Japanese, and Russian. By listening to Japanese and checking the previously translated English subtitles simultaneously while translating the script into Russian, we were able to produce higher quality subtitles that better convey the nuances than what we would have produced if we listened to Japanese only. In order to achieve maximum satisfaction, we also proposed options to our clients when it came to specific Russian terms. For example, we provided the Russian translations of towns based on official maps, but we also suggested additional translations that would help clarify the nuances of the musical. In other words, our work ended up being more a script composition than a mere translation with artistic input.


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